, Volume 24, Issue 5, pp 140-142

Thermal properties of fats and oils

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Heat capacities of the α- and β-forms of trimyristin, tripalmitin, and tristearin, and the β-form of trilaurin were measured. The heats of fusion of the β-forms of these four compounds were determined.

The heats of fusion of the α-forms of trimyristin, tripalmitin, and tristearin were calculated from heat content data. Calculations were also made of the heats of transition, α- to β-form.

The molal entropy at 298.16° K. was calculated for the β-form of each compound.

The experimental work reported herein was carried out in part by one of the authors and in part by G. D. Oliver under the direction of A. E. Bailey while the latter were employed with this laboratory.
One of the laboratories of the Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Agricultural Research Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture.