, Volume 69, Issue 12, pp 1189-1191

Viscosities of vegetable oils and fatty acids

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Data for viscosity as a function of temperature from 24 to 110°C (75 to 230°F) have been measured for a number of vegetable oils (crambe, rapeseed, corn, soybean, milk-weed, coconut, lesquerella) and eight fatty acids in the range from C9 to C22. The viscosity measurements were performed according to ASTM test methods D 445 and D 446. Several correlations were fitted to the experimental data. Correlation constants for the best fit are presented. The range of temperature in which the correlations are valid is from 24°C (75°F), or the melting point of the substance, to 110°C (230°F). The correlation constants are valuable for designing or evaluating such chemical process equipment as heat exchangers, reactors, distillation columns, mixing vessels and process piping.