, Volume 20, Issue 11, pp 231-234

The chemical composition of depot fats in chickens and turkeys

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Several chemical constants have been determined on the depot fats taken from four strains of chickens and four strains of turkeys. Similar analyses have been run on depot fat from cold storage turkey and on “commercial” samples of chicken and turkey fat obtained from the wholesale market.

There is no significant difference in the constants of fats from various breeds of chicken. The fats from various breeds of turkey are also similar.

Furthermore, there is no outstanding difference between the constants of turkey and chicken fats, though turkey fats tend to have higher fatty acid and acetyl values and lower iodine and thiocyanogen values, and a somewhat greater instability. Thus it is not easily possible to distinguish between turkey and chicken fats by the usual analytical procedures.

From the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. This research has been supported by a grant from Continental Foods, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.
Presented before the Division of Biological Chemistry, at the 105th meeting of the American Chemical Society, Detroit, Michigan.