Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society

, Volume 40, Issue 12, pp 746-747

First online:

Seed oils fromCitrus sinensis

  • R. HendricksonAffiliated withCitrus Experiment Station
  • , J. W. KestersonAffiliated withCitrus Experiment Station

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Comparative analyses of seed oils from the four most important orange varieties at different stages of maturity have shown remarkably similar fatty acid content by GLC. Percentage distribution of fatty acids, refractive index, and iodine number could probably be used to differentiate or help confirmCitrus species since there is enough variation between species to make a valid comparison. Seed content was noted as being related to fruit maturity, as was moisture content of seeds. The oil content of pineappleorange seeds was found to be variable, correlated to moisture content of seeds, and it reached a maximum when seed moisture had decreased to approximately 49%.