, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 435-448

Determination of the poles of the topological zeta function for curves

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Tof ∈ℂ[x 1…,x n ] one associates thetopological zeta function which is an invariant of (the germ of)f at 0, defined in terms of an embedded resolution of (the germ of)f −1{0} inf −1{0}. By definition the topological zeta function is a rational function in one variable, and it is related to Igusa’s local zeta function. A major problem is the study of its poles.

In this paper we exactly determine all poles of the topological zeta function forn=2 and anyf ∈ℂ[x 1,x 2]. In particular there exists at most one pole of order two, and in this case it is the pole closest to the origin. Our proofs rely on a new geometrical result which makes the embedded resolution graph of the germ off into an ‘ordered tree’ with respect to the so-callednumerical data of the resolution.

The author is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research