, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 79-84

Protein polymorphism and genetic divergence in slow loris (genusNycticebus)

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In this study, protein electrophoresis was assayed to detect genetic variation in GenusNycticebus. A total of 29 samples (2N. coucang and 27N. pygmaeus) were analyzed for 42 genetic loci. In the 27 samples ofN. pygmaeus, 4 loci were observed to be polymerphic. Therefore, the estimatedP value (proportion of polymorphic loci) is 0.095, theA value (average number of alleles each locus) is 1.045, and theH value (mean individual heterozygosity) is 0.040. After comparing theH ofN. pygmaeus with those of other primates reported, we found that the protein variation inN. pygmaeus is slightly lower than the average level. Additionally, we also observed obivious allele difference betweenN. pygmaeus andN. coucang. There are no shared alleles between these two species in eight loci. TheNei's genetic distance between them was calculated as 0.2541, which falls in the spectrum of genetic difference between species in primates.