, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 353-364

Mitochondrial pseudogenes and phyletic relationships ofCebuella andCallithrix (Platyrrhini, primates)

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Two cytochromeb pseudogenes were isolated from PCR amplified products ofCebuella pygmaea DNA. These sequences showed insertions and deletions when compared to paralogous mitochondrial sequence regions of several primates. Phylogenetic analyses indicated that an ancestral pseudogene originated sometime before the divergence ofCebuella andCallithrix and that this sequence was later duplicated some 5.6 million years ago. Parsimony and distance analyses indicated thatCebuella pygmaea andCallithrix species of theargentata group were more closely related to one another than any of them was toCallithrix species of thejacchus group, in agreement with previous analyses based on nuclear genes and karyotypic data. These findings also indicated thatCallithrix is a paraphyletic genus, in agreement with previous propositions thatCebuella should be included within the genusCallithrix.