, Volume 47, Issue 5, pp 261-269

A model of osteon closure in cortical bone

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A model of osteon closure is presented that incorporates some physiologic features of cortical bone remodeling, such as matrix synthesizing activity of osteoblasts, their burial as osteocytes, and elimination of cells. A simplified version of the model assumes a constant osteoblast activity throughout radial closure. An extended version allows for varible osteoblasts activity and is based on Lee's law of radial closure kinetics. The model calculations (extended model) show that both in humans and beagle dogs osteoblast activity steadily decreases during radial closure of the osteon. The potential of the model is also illustrated by calculating the dynamic change of the geometrical shape of the closing cone and the time dependence of the osteoid seam width, number of osteoblasts and bone formation rate in the closing cone.