, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 159-166

Circumcision with the plastibell device a long-term follow-up

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Indications for operation, immediate postoperative morbidity and complications were recorded in 43 patients circumcised with the Plastibell device. Questionnaires were used in recording late postoperative morbidity and complications during the mean observation period of 29 months, and were followed by a clinical and cosmetic assessment. No serious complications were encountered. Compared to classical dissection techniques, dysuria is a prominent feature using the Plastibell device. The Plastibell method leaves a varying amount of foreskin intact, which could well explain why meatal ulcers/stenosis are not seen when employing this method. In areas with low hygienic standards we cannot recommend the method since the ability of retaining smegma must still be present. Used on medical grounds, the method is preferable, as it leaves some of the foreskin intact and is quick and simple to perform.