, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp 281-285

Enzymatic interesterification of tallow-sunflower oil mixtures

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In an effort to improve the physical and/or thermal characteristics of solid fats, the enzymatic interesterification of tallow and butterfat with high-oleic sunflower oil and soybean oil was investigated. The two simultaneously occurring reactions, interesterification and hydrolysis, were followed by high-performance liquid chromatography of altered glycerides and by gas-liquid chromatography of liberated free fatty acids. The enzymes used in these studies were immobilized lipases that included either a 1,3-acyl-selective lipase or acis-9-C18-selective lipase. The degree of hydrolysis of the fat/oil mixtures was dependent upon the initial water content of the reaction medium. The extent of the interesterification reaction was dependent on the amount of enzyme employed but not on the reaction temperature over the range of 50–70°C. Changes in melting characteristics of the interesterified glyceride mixtures were followed by differential scanning calorimetry of the residual mixed glycerides after removal of free fatty acids. Interesterification of the glyceride mixes with the two types of enzymes allowed for either a decrease or increase in the solid fat content of the initial glyceride mix.