, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 157-195

Funsulinid assemblages and facies of the Bombaso Fm. and basal meledis Fm. (Moscovian-Kasimovian) in the central Carnic Alps (Austria/Italy)

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The Bombaso Formation and basal Meledis Formation in the central Carnic Alps near Straniger Alm and Zollnersee (Austria/Italy) unconformably overlie the folded Variscan basement and consist of shallow marine clastic and carbonate sediments which are arranged to form two fining and deepening upward sequences. Particularly limestones and even breccias of the Bombaso Formation yielded a rich fusulinid fauna composed of 34 species which are attributed to the following zones:Quasifusulinoides quasifusulinoides-Protriticites ovatus; Protriticites pseudomontiparus, andMontiparus montiparus.

Breccias of the Bombaso Formation west of Straniger Alm contain the oldest fusulinid fauna of the Carnic Alps, belonging to theQuasifusulinoides quasifusulinoides —Protriticites ovatus zone. The fauna is composed ofQuasifusulinoides quasifusulinoides, Q. fallax, Q. intermedius, Protriticites cf.ovoides, andPr. ovatus. This assemblage is most similar to that of the Peskovskaya Formation of the Myachkovian Horizon in the Moscow Basin indicating uppermost Moscovian age. Limestones from depositional sequence 1 at Zollnersee also contain fusulinids of the uppermost Moscovian which are characterized by a more diverse assemblage:Schubertella donetzica, Fusiella lancetiformis, Beedeina ulitinensis, B. consobrina, B. nytvica, B. siviniensis, Quasifusulinoides pakhrensis, Q. fallax, Q. kljasmicus, Q. quasifusulinoides, Fusulinella rara, andProtriticites ovatus. Limestones and calcareous sandstones-siltstones of the basal Meledis Formation of depositional sequence 2 near Zollnersee and at Cima Val di Puartis are characterized by fusulinids of theProtriticites pseudomontiparus zone (Protriticites globulus, Pr. pseudomontiparus, Pr. sphaericus, Pr. rotundatus, Pr. ovoides, Pr. lamellosus, andPraeobsoletes burkemensis) and byMontiparus paramontiparus zone (Praeobsoletes pauper, P. burkemensis, Obsoletes timanicus, O. obsoletes, Montiparus paramontiparus, M. umbonoplicatus, M. montiparus, M. likharevi, M. rhombiformis andM. priscus) indicating lower to middle Kasimovian age (Krevyakinskian and Khamovnicheskian Horizons of the Russian Platform).

In memoriam FranzKahler (1900–1995)