, Volume 24, Issue 7, pp 652-655

HPLC analysis of desmosterol, 7-dehydrocholesterol, and cholesterol

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A simple and sensitive method to analyzed mixtures of desmosterol, 7-dehydrocholesterol and cholesterol is described. The method involves the oxidative conversion of the sterols with cholesterol oxidase, followed by high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) analysis. A C18 reversed phase column (3 μm, 75×4.6 mm) and a mixture of methanol and acetonitrile (1∶1, v/v) at a rate of 1 ml/min are used to separate the sterols. The eluted sterols are quantified by measuring UV absoprtion at 240 nm. As little as 10 pmoles of sterol can be quantified under these conditions.