, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 47-51

Lipogenesis in the developing brain: Utilization of radioactive leucine, isoleucine, octanoic acid and β-hydroxybutyric acid

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Incorporation of radioactivity from intracranially injected radioactive leucine, isoleucine (ketogenic amino acids), octanoic acid and β-hydroxybutyric acid into the brain lipids of 15 to 16 day-old rats was examined. The results showed that radioactivity from all the above precursors was incorporated into brain lipids. Radioactivity from injected isoleucine was incorporated into odd numbered fatty acids indicating an alternate pathway to α-oxidation for the biosynthesis of these fatty acids in the brain. For some as yet unclear reasons, a substantial portion of the radioactivity from injected octanoic acid was incorporated into free fatty acids. Utilization of these compounds for providing carbon for lipogenesis during development under unstressed normal conditions is discussed.