, Volume 11, Issue 11, pp 781-790

Further studies of the saturated methyl branched fatty acids ofVernix caseosa lipid

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By the method of capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, we have identified 35 monomethyl and 46 dimethyl branched acids in the saturated acids of vernix caseosa lipid with chain lengths ranging from C11 to C18. Many other mono-, di-, and trimethyl branched acids have been partially identified. All methyl branches were found to be on the even numbered C-atoms except for some terminal iso methyl groups. Three types of dimethyl branched acids were found: those with a terminal iso structure, those with a terminal anteiso structure, and those with neither iso nor anteiso structures. The 4-methyl branch predominated for all types of branched acids. Equivalent chain length data for di- and trimethyl branched acids were determined on a Pentasil (nonpolar) wall coated capillary column and checked by calculation from monomethyl branched acid data. Mass spectral identification was performed with and without the aid of a data system. A possible mode of formation of these acids is discussed.