, Volume 8, Issue 12, pp 661-667

Molecular species of wax esters in jaw fat of atlantic bottlenose dolphin,Tursiops truncatus

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The jaw fat of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) contains unusual wax esters which can be separated into short chain (24) and long chain (>C24) fractions by thin layer chromatography. The short chain wax esters (28 wt. %) have been characterized as a 72∶24∶4 mixture of isovaleroyl, isobutoryl, and 2-methylbutyrol, esters of C14–C18 n- and iso-alcohols. The intact 24 esters have been resolved into individual molecular species by gas liquid chromatography on open-tubular polyester columns. The long chain wax esters (12 wt. %) contain C10–C22 n- and iso-acids esterified to the same C14–C18 n- and iso-alcohols. Gas liquid chromatography of the intact, hydrogenated >C24 esters on a short JXR column has characterized them according to carbon number and the number of methyl branches they contain.