, Volume 164, Issue 2, pp 91-97

Thermotoga subterranea sp. nov., a new thermophilic bacterium isolated from a continental oil reservoir

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A thermophilic, strictly anaerobic bacterium, designated strain SL1, was isolated from a deep, continental oil reservoir in the East Paris Basin (France). This organism grew between 50 and 75°C, with an, optimum at 70°C. It was inhibited by elemental sulfur and was able to reduce cystine and thiosulfate to hydrogen sulfide. The G+C content (40 mol%), the presence of a lipid structure unique to the genusThermotoga, and the 16S rRNA sequence of strain SL1 indicated that the isolate belongs to the genusThermotoga. Based on DNA-DNA hybridization, isolate SL1 does not show species-level similarity with the recognized speciesT. maritima, T. neapolitana, andT. thermarum. Based on this description of strain SL1, we propose the recognition of a new species:Thermotoga subterranea.