, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 210-214

Use of the regression of mean crowding on mean density for estimating sample size and the transformation of data for the analysis of variance

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An approximate method for estimating the sample size in simple random sampling and a systematic way of transformation of sample data are derived by using the parameters α and β of the regression of mean crowding on mean density in the spatial distribution per quadrat of animal populations (Iwao, 1968). If the values of α and β have been known for the species concerned, the sample size needed to attain a desired precision can be estimated by simply knowing the approximate level of mean density of the population to be sampled. Also, an appropriate variance stabilizing transformation of sample data can be obtained by the method given here without restrictions on the distribution pattern of the frequency counts.

Contribution from the Entomological Laboratory, Kyoto University No. 418.
Contributions from JIBP-PT No. 52. Aided in part by a grant from the Ministry of Education for the special project research, ‘Studies on the dynamic status of biosphere’.