Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 182, Issue 3, pp 579-617

First online:

Strong connections on quantum principal bundles

  • Piotr M. HajacAffiliated withMathematics Section, International Centre for Theoretical Physics

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A gauge invariant notion of a strong connection is presented and characterized. It is then used to justify the way in which a global curvature form is defined. Strong connections are interpreted as those that are induced from the base space of a quantum bundle. Examples of both strong and non-strong connections are provided. In particular, such connections are constructed on a quantum deformation of the two-sphere fibrationS 2RP 2. A certain class of strongU q (2)-connections on a trivial quantum principal bundle is shown to be equivalent to the class of connections on a free module that are compatible with theq-dependent hermitian metric. A particular form of the Yang-Mills action on a trivialU q (2)-bundle is investigated. It is proved to coincide with the Yang-Mills action constructed by A. Connes and M. Rieffel. Furthermore, it is shown that the moduli space of critical points of this action functional is independent ofq.