Instructional systems design and the learning sciences: A citation analysis

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Learning sciences (LS) and instructional systems design (ISD) are two related fields that have shared intersts in the application of technology for advancing human learning. While the two fields may have different values, boundaries, and in some cases methods, they also share significant overlap of content and purpose. We examine the relationship between the two fields through a citation analysis of three journals in each of the respective fields. The findings of the study indicate that the amount of cross-field publication is low, but there exists a trend for increased cross-field citation. As cross-field publication increases, we suggest that the existence of invisible colleges that link the fields will become more salient.

Thanks to Carol A. Wright, of The Pennsylvania State University's Education Library, Amy Zediak, and the staff of the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh, for invaluable assistance.
This research was funded in part by NSF grant number REC-0231981 and the Learning and Performance Systems Department of the College of Education of Penn State.
Thanks to Steven Ross and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on earlier versions of this mauscript. The opinions expressed are those of the authors alone.