, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp 363–368

Extraction of wood compounds by use of subcritical fluids


  • J. González-Rodríguez
    • R&D Department Pérez Barquero
  • P. Pérez-Juan
    • R&D Department Pérez Barquero
  • M. D. Luque de Castro
    • Department of Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Córdoba
Originals Gas Chromatography

DOI: 10.1007/BF02492409

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González-Rodríguez, J., Pérez-Juan, P. & Luque de Castro, M.D. Chromatographia (2003) 57: 363. doi:10.1007/BF02492409


A study of the extraction of oak wood compounds with subcritical water-ethanol mixtures as extractants, with an ethanol content between 0 and 60%, is reported. Identification and characterization of the extracted compounds were achieved by spectrophotometry and by gas chromatography with either flame ionization or mass spectrometric detection. Extraction was performed statically by use of a single cycle or repeated cycles. All variables affecting the extraction process were studied and optimized. Extraction time and temperature were 60 min and 200°C, respectively. Comparison of the extract thus obtained with commercial extracts showed the former to be rich in compounds characteristic of the commercial extracts. The method also enables manipulation of extract composition by changing the temperature and the water/ethanol ratio used. It is faster than traditional procedures for obtaining wood extracts.

Key Words

Gas chromatography—mass spectrometrySolid-liquid extractionSubcritical fluidsOak wood

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