, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 253-258

Seismic strength of adobe masonry

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The most important soil characteristies from the viewpoint of the strength of adobe masonry are first studied. Subsequently, based on the acquired knowledge, the effect of some natural additives to the soil is investigated. Simple field tests, devised to identify the most adequate materials for adobe construction and to be easily transmitted to the potential adobe builder are finally proposed.


On examine d’abord les caractéristiques de résistance essentielles de la maçonnerie de terre. Ensuite, en s’appuyant sur le savoir acquis, on étudie l’influence de certains adjuvants naturels. On propose enfin quelques essais in situ simples, conçus pour identifier les matériaux les plus adéquats pour la construction de terre et faciles à faire connaître au constructeur potentiel.