, Volume 44, Issue 7, pp 362-366

The characterization of silica microparticles by electrophoretic mobility measurements

  • P. G. DietrichAffiliated with
  • , K. -H. LercheAffiliated withAERES GmbH
  • , J. ReuschAffiliated with
  • , R. NitzscheAffiliated withM-M-Partikelmesstechnik

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Electrophoretic mobility measurements in the pH 2‐10 range are described for several commercial HPLC silica microparticles and a laboratory-produced product. The content of metal impurities for the silicas was also determined by AAS. An acidic/hydrothermal treatment was used to generate a more homogenous surface for some of the silicas. The zero points of charge (zpc) for both a native and a treated silica plus several commercial HPLC silicas were compared. The electrophoretic mobility method may be useful in predicting the utility of certain types of silica supports for chromatographic separations.

Key Words

Silica surface Electrophoretic mobility Metal impurities Zero point of charge