, Volume 94, Issue 2, pp 211-215

Immunohistochemical demonstration of fibre type-specific isozymes of cytochrome c oxidase in human skeletal muscle

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The immunohistochemical reaction of monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibodies against cytochrome c oxidase (COX) subunits with serial sections of normal human skeletal muscle was investigated. The stronger reactivity of polyclonal antibodies to COX subunits II–III and VIIbc with type I as compared to type II fibres, correlated well with the higher histochemical reactivity of NADH dehydrogenase, succinate dehydrogenase and cytochrome c oxidase in type I fibres. In contrast an almost exclusive reaction of a monoclonal antibody against subunit IV with type I fibre and a preponderan reaction of a polyclonal antibody against subunits Vab with type II fibres was obtained. Antibodies against subuntis I, Vb and VIc did not reveal a fibre-type-specific reactivity. The data indicate in human muscle the occurrence of fibre type-specific isozymes of cytochrome c oxidase differing in subunits IV and Va or Vb.