, Volume 21, Issue 11, pp 3907-3911

Boundary length and internal surface area measurements in porous materials with elliptical pores

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Formulae are derived for the stereological determination of boundary length per unit area,B A, and surface density,S v, in materials with elliptically shaped pores. These relationships are valid for two-phase solids with orthotropically distributed internal surfaces (surfaces that can be mapped onto an ellipsoid). Maximum and minimum mean intercept length measurements in a plane are needed to calculateB A. Mean intercept length measurements in the three principal directions of porous symmetry are necessary to calculateS v. If the principal directions are not known they can be found by calculating the eigenvectors of a second rank tensor called the mean intercept length tensor. In a material with a transversely isotropic distribution of internal surfaces (surfaces that can be mapped onto a spheroid), mean intercept length measurements along and transverse to the axis of symmetry are needed to calculateS v.