, Volume 116, Issue 1, pp 101-134

Curvature measures of convex bodies

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The curvature measures, introduced by Federer for the sets of positive reach, are investigated in the special case of convex bodies. This restriction yields additional results. Among them are:(5.1), an integral-geometric interpretation of the curvature measure of order m, showing that it measures, in a certain sense, the affine subspaces of codimension m+1 which touch the convex body;(6.1), an axiomatic characterization of the (linear combinations of) curvature measures similar to Hadwiger's characterization of the quermassintegrals of convex bodies;(8.1), the determination of the support of the curvature measure of order m, which turns out to be the closure of the m-skeleton of the convex body. Moreover we give, for the case of convex bodies, a new and comparatively short proof of an integral-geometric kinematic formula for curvature measures.

Entrata in Redazione il 14 dicembre 1976.