, Volume 34, Issue 5-6, pp 654-674

Inclusive fitness arguments in genetic models of behaviour

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My purpose here is to provide a coherent account of inclusive fitness techniques, accessible to a mathematically literate graduate student in evolutionary biology, and to relate these to standard one-locus genetic models. I begin in Sect. 2 with a general formulation of evolutionary stability; in Sect. 3 and Sect. 4 I interpret the basic stability conditions within genetic and inclusive fitness models. In Sect. 5 I extend these concepts to the case of a class-structured population, and in Sect. 6 I illustrate these notions with a sex ratio example. In Sect. 7 I give a proof of the result that under additive gene action and weak selection, an inclusive fitness argument is able to verify an important stability condition (2.5) for one-locus genetic models. Most of these results have been published.