, Volume 248, Issue 3, pp 151-155

Neurological cause of late postpartum seizures

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A 32-year-old primigravida showed signs of pre-eclampsia before delivery of a healthy boy at term. The CSF-space was accidentally punctured during epidural anaesthesia in labour. One day later hypertension was noted and the patient had a single generalized fit. For the next three weeks she had postural headaches, fluctuating hypertension, intermittent hearing loss and doublevision. On the 22nd day of postpartum, the patient had the first of a series of partial and later generalized seizures, followed by hemiparesis, alteration of consciousness, and finally slow recovery with corticosteroid therapy. Bilateral subdural effusions and generalized meningeal thickening were found on MR scans. Repeated MRI excluded sinus thrombosis and documented the response to treatment.