, Volume 227, Issue 1-2, pp 23-31

Trace elements and essential oil composition in chemotypes of the aromatic plantOriganum vulgare

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Trace elements, essential oil yield and its percentage composition were determined by neutron activation analysis, hydrodistillation and gas chromatography in two chemotypes ofOriganum vulgare L. cultivated in the same field. Statistical tests such as analysis of variance, correlation coefficient,t-test, and multiple correlation were applied. The results showed that the samples contain the highest recorded oil yield for aromatic plants. Also, there is a statistically significant difference between the chemotypes of the plant not only in the predominant compound but in a number of other components. Iron, chromium and scandium showed a negative significant correlation with carvacrol and a positive one with thymol. Europium shows characteristic correlations with chromium, cobalt, iron and scandium within each chemotype of the plant. These correlations could make probable a role of this element in the biosynthesis of the predominant compounds.