, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp 452-463

Some aspects of the natural history and food selection ofAvahi laniger

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Two groups ofAvahi laniger were studied in the Forêt de Analamozoatra near Perinet in the eastern rainforest of Madagascar from August to October 1984. Overlap between the home ranges of neighbouring groups ofA. laniger was minimal. Group size ranged from one to four individuals with a median group size of two. In four out of ten groups a baby was born between August and September.A. laniger were most active after dusk and before dawn. They had an extended resting period around midnight. Their diet consisted mostly of leaves from at least 17 different plant species. They also ate flowers. Fruit eating was recorded twice. Leaves eaten had high contents of protein and sugar but did not contain alkaloids. The concentration of condensed tannins did not differ between food items and non-food items. There was no indication of competition with other prosimians that might explain their nocturnality.