Hip fracture incidence in Japan

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The purpose of this study was to determine incidence and regional distribution of hip fracture throughout Japan. The incidence rate of hip fracture in Japan was estimated by a nationwide survey for departments of orthopedics of all hospitals with 200 beds or more and supplementary survey for all medical institutions in three prefectures.

The mail survey was used in main and supplementary survey. The mail questionnaire included items such as the number of new patients seen during 1 January through 31 December 1987 regardeless of cause of fracture, and also sex, age and address of each patients.

According to these two surveys, the incidence of hip fracture in Japan was estimated to be approximately 41,000–48,000 (males 10,400–12,000, females 30,600–36,000) in 1987. Incidence rate of hip fracture increased approximately exponential throughout life. The incidence rate was 22–26 per 10,000 persons in females aged 70–74 and 118–139 in those aged 85–89.

As regards regional differences, incidence for females showed to be higher in the western region than in the eastern, while such tendency was not observed in males.

A further epidemiological survey will be necessary to elucidate regional differences of hip fracture.