, Volume 100, Issue 1-3, pp 171-181

Co-evolution of the legume-Rhizobium association

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A number of examples is given demonstrating the co-existence of pea genotypes and their specific Rhizobium, strains isolated within the same region.R. leguminosarum strains compatible with the cultivated pea have a narrow symbiotic range and they are widely distributed in European soils. This is presumably due to the narrow genetic base of the cultivated pea and its wide-spread cultivation in European soils. Rhizobium strains capable of nodulating a primitive pea line from Afghanistan were only found in soils of the Middle East and Central Asia. A more restricted distribution of specific Rhizobium strains was found for fulvum peas from Israel. Rhizobium strains effective with the fulvum pea were found in Israeli soils. A good example of co-evolution due to geographical isolation was found in south Turkey. Here a pea line was found which can form an effective symbiosis with local Rhizobium strains but not with strains from other parts of Turkey.