, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 97-117

Breeding potato cultivars with tubers resistant toPhytophthora infestans

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Available information has been reviewed on tuber resistance toP. infestans, its inheritance and breeding procedures used to obtain potato cultivars superior in this character.

P. infestans is worldwide the most destructive potato pathogen. Tuber resistance is an essential component of potato resistance as this pathogen is often responsible for tuber rot in storage, and infected tubers of susceptible cultivars provide an important way for its overwintering.

In Europe many cultivars and advanced breeders selections have been obtained with tuber resistance toP. infestans, but in the last decades no progress is noted in the mean level of this resistance in cultivars. The expression of tuber resistance depends to a large extent on testing conditions and therefore it can be difficult to evaluate. Consequently making progress in breeding is not easy, and also cultivar assessment data from various countries sometimes differ considerably.

It is concluded from published data that it should be easier to make progress in breeding potato cultivars with resistant tubers if more attention is paid to combining the various types of resistance which are already known, and if the genetic determination of durable resistance toP. infestans is better understood.

Professor Dr. K.M. Świeżyński passed away on 27th July 2000