, Volume 31, Issue 8, pp 901-902

A possible age-related decrement in the conduction velocity ofAplysia neuron R2

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In late winter and in spring, the conduction velocity of the R2 axon ofAplysia californica is 0.48 m/sec or more in all specimens. However, in the summer, fall and early winter, some sexually mature animals exhibit markedly diminished R2 conduction rates (as low as 0.24 m/sec). It is possible that this reduced velocity is a reflection of the age of the specimen from which the axon is taken.

Acknowledgment. I thank Drs.Rimmon Fay andRoger West for helpful remarks, and also Dr.E. C. Vos for the loan of stimulating equipment. This research was supported by NRC Grant No. A9792 to the author and by PHS support to Dr.M. E. Lickey, whom I thank as well.
M.S.R.L. Contribution Number 176.