, Volume 107, Issue 1, pp 39-46

Soil salinity and pH in Japanese mangrove forests and growth of cultivated mangrove plants in different soil conditions

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Soil conditions of mangrove forests in southern Japan were found to correlate largely with zonal distributions of the species.Kandelia candel grew in soils with low salinity and low pH,Avicennia marina, Rhizophora stylosa andSonneratia alba in soils with high salinity and high pH, andBruguiera gymnorrhiza in soil with a wide range of pH but limited range of salinity.Lumnitzera racemosa colonized soil with a wide range of pH and medium salinity. Seedlings ofKandelia candel, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza andRhizophora stylosa were planted in soils with differing salinity and pH. Optimum seedling growth ofKandelia, Bruguiera andRhizophora occurred when plants were cultivated in soils similar to those of their natural habitats, suggesting that growth of mangrove species and their zonal distributions were regulated by salinity and soil pH.