, Volume 107, Issue 3, pp 283-287

Spatial genetic structure within two populations of a self-incompatible perennial,Chionographis japonica var.japonica (Liliaceae)

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Intrapopulational spatial genetic structure was examined in two populations ofChionographis japonica var.japonica, a self-incompatible perennial, by spatial autocorrelation analysis of enzyme polymorphism. Although most spatial autocorrelation indices (Moran'sI) in the shortes distance class were significantly positive, most in the other distance classes did not significantly deviate from the values expected from random distributions of genotypes in both populations. This contrasts with a spatial genetic pattern previously reported for a population of the predominantly selfing congener,C. japonica var.kurohimensis, indicating that pollen-mediated gene flow highly impedes genetic substructuring within populations of outcrossingC. japonica var.japonica. Genetic similarity in very proximate distance found in outcrossingC. japonica var.japonica is probably due to restricted dispersal of seeds.