, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 259-264

Occurrence of L-DOPA and dopamine in plants and cell cultures ofMucuna pruriens and effects of 2,4-d and NaCl on these compounds

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The development of the L-DOPA-content of roots, stems and leaves ofMucuna pruriens during growth of the plants is described. Besides L-DOPA, the leaves, but not the stems and the roots, also contain the related catechol dopamine. The time course of dopamine accumulation is compared to that of L-DOPA.

In cell suspension cultures ofM. pruriens dopamine can be detected as well. Its level is strongly increased by addition of the growth regulator 2,4-d to the medium, a condition that suppresses cell growth and L-DOPA-accumulation. Dopamine induction appears to be a specific metabolic effect of 2,4-d. Salt stress, as caused by the addition of NaCl, gives no induction of dopamine formation, whereas L-DOPA is released into the medium.