, Volume 58, Issue 2, pp 159-194

A model-based standardization approach that separates true bias/DIF from group ability differences and detects test bias/DTF as well as item bias/DIF

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A model-based modification (SIBTEST) of the standardization index based upon a multidimensional IRT bias modeling approach is presented that detects and estimates DIF or item bias simultaneously for several items. A distinction between DIF and bias is proposed. SIBTEST detects bias/DIF without the usual Type 1 error inflation due to group target ability differences. In simulations, SIBTEST performs comparably to Mantel-Haenszel for the one item case. SIBTEST investigates bias/DIF for several items at the test score level (multiple item DIF called differential test functioning: DTF), thereby allowing the study of test bias/DIF, in particular bias/DIF amplification or cancellation and the cognitive bases for bias/DIF.

This research was partially supported by Office of Naval Research Cognitive and Neural Sciences Grant N0014-90-J-1940, 4421-548 and National Science Foundation Mathematics Grant NSF-DMS-91-01436. The research reported here is collaborative in every respect and the order of authorship is alphabetical. The assistance of Hsin-hung Li and Louis Roussos in conducting the simulation studies was of great help. Discussions with Terry Ackerman, Paul Holland, and Louis Roussos were very helpful.