, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp 219-231

A k-sample significance test for independent alpha coefficients

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The earlier two-sample procedure of Feldt [1969] for comparing independent alpha reliability coefficients is extended to the case ofK ≥ 2 independent samples. Details of a normalization of the statistic under consideration are presented, leading to computational procedures for the overallK-group significance test and accompanying multiple comparisons. Results based on computer simulation methods are presented, demonstrating that the procedures control Type I error adequately. The results of a power comparison of the case ofK=2 with Feldt's [1969]F test are also presented. The differences in power were negligible. Some final observations, along with suggestions for further research, are noted.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Michael E. Masson, in the computations performed, and of Leonard S. Feldt, in suggesting the data generation procedures used in the study. In addition, the authors thank James Zidek and the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of British Columbia, for advice concerning some of the theoretical development.