, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 237-243

Extensions of the significance test for one-parameter signal detection hypotheses

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The basic models of signal detection theory involve the parametric measure,d′, generally interpreted as a detectability index. Given two observers, one might wish to know whether their detectability indices are equal or unequal. Gourevitch and Galanter (1967) proposed a large sample statistical test that could be used to test the hypothesis of equald′ values. In this paper, their large two sample test is extended to aK-sample detection test. If the null hypothesisd 1′=d 2′=...=d K ′ is rejected, one can employ the post hoc confidence interval procedure described in this paper to locate possible statistically significant sources of variance and differences. In addition, it is shown how one can use the Gourevitch and Galanter statistics to testd′=0 for a single individual.

This paper was written while the author was associated with the Institute of Human Learning at the University of California at Berkeley.