, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 251-279

A factorial study of auditory function

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Tests of auditory function in the fields of pitch, loudness, quality (timbre), and time, auditory analysis, synthesis, and memory, together with age, intelligence, and four tests of visual memory, were studied factorially. The subjects were 200 high-school students. The intercorrelations were factored to nine factors by a modification of the centroid technique and rotated to an oblique simple structure. No general auditory factor appeared. Instead there appeared group factors tentatively identified as pitch-quality discrimination, loudness discrimination, “auditory integral for perceptual mass,” auditory resistance (synthesis and analysis), speed of closure, auditory span formation, memory span (auditory and visual), memory or incidental closure and an unidentifiable residual plane. The average intercorrelation among the primary vectors was low, only one intercorrelation being greater than .34. A number of queries are answered by the interpretation of the results.