, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 415-418

The role of air temperature in determining dormancy release and flowering ofCorylus avellana L.

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7 years of airborne pollen monitoring in Perugia (central Italy) were used to determine the temperature requirements to break dormancy and to resume growth and bloom ofCorylus avellana L.,Corylus needs 1000 chill-units to complete its dormancy and this value, in the Perugian area, is met by the end of December or the first days of January. MoreoverCorylus trees require 220 growth degree hours before they are able to flower. If air temperature is high, this value can be achieved in only 10 days, but if the temperature remains too low, the heat accumulation can require up to 35 days. With these parameters it is possible to build a model to predict the date of the beginning ofCorylus avellana pollen season.