, Volume 22, Issue 9, pp 1607-1619

Electroantennogram activity from antennae ofCeratitis capitata (Wied.) to fresh orange airborne volatiles

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Twenty-six compounds have been identified from fresh orange airborne volatiles, the most abundant being limonene and alloaromadendrene. Ethyl- and butylhexanoates were found in middle concentrations, whereas the other compounds occur at low levels. Electroantennograms recorded fromCeratitis capitata Wied. (males and females) revealed limonene. butyl hexanoate, dihydrocarvone, and limonene oxide to be most active. In the case of dihydrocarvone, 4-ethyl acetophenone, and carvone, female antennae give greater responses than antennae of males. Limonene oxide was more active for males than females. Total airborne volatiles recovered from oranges elicited high EAGs, with females being more sensitive than males.