, Volume 88, Issue 6, pp 653-657

Assignment of the gene encoding the catalytic subunit Cβ of CAMP-dependent protein kinase to the p36 band on chromosome

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A cDNA for the human catalytic subunit (Cβ) of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) has been cloned from a testis cDNA library. In the present study, we have determined the chromosomal localization of this gene using a cDNA for Cβ as a probe. Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA from human/mouse cell hybrids revealed that the presence or absence of a 20-kbXbaI fragment, which hybridized with the Cβ probe, was concordant with the presence of human chromosome 1.In situ hybridization to metaphase chromosome confirmed the somatic cell hybrid data and regionally mapped the Cβ gene of PKA to the p36 band on chromosome 1.