, Volume 124, Issue 3, pp 285-287

Prolactin plasma levels and D2-dopamine receptor occupancy measured with IBZM-SPECT

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By the application of123([123I]IBZM), an iodine-labelled dopamine D2-receptor antagonist, brain D2 receptors in humans can be visualized with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). The ratio of IBZM binding to striatal regions versus binding to frontal cortex (ST/FC ratio) provided a semiquantitative measurement of D2 receptor binding in the striatum. This study investigated the relationship between receptor occupancy and plasma prolactin levels in 12 male patients treated with haloperidol, benperidol or clozapine. Prolactin levels were positively correlated with D2 receptor occupancy, reflecting at least in part a comparable dopamine receptor antagonism in different dopaminergic pathways.