, Volume 103, Issue 1, pp 41-45

Age-related changes in human D1 dopamine receptors measured by positron emission tomography

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The effects of age on the binding parameters of11C-SCH23390, the highly selective ligand for central D1 dopamine receptors, at specific binding sites in the brain were studied. Seventeen healthy male volunteers (20–72 years old) participated. Regional radioactivity in the brain was followed for 40 min by positron emission tomography (PET). A high accumulation of radioactivity was observed in the striatum and there was a conspicuous accumulation in the neocortex. A two-compartment model was used to obtain quantitative estimates of rate constants of association (k3) and dissociation (k4). The binding potential (k3/k4) of the dopamine D1 receptors in the striatum and frontal cortex decreased by 35% and 39%, respectively, with age. The value of k3 decreased by 58% in the striatum and 83% in the frontal cortex, whereas the value of k4 decreased by 35% in the striatum and 72% in the frontal cortex with age.