Plant and Soil

, Volume 117, Issue 2, pp 237-241

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Mycorrhizal infection and foliar phosphorus content of seedlings of three dipterocarp species growing in a selectively logged forest and a forest plantation

  • S. S. LeeAffiliated withFaculty of Forestry, University Pertanian Malaysia
  • , K. L. LimAffiliated withFaculty of Forestry, University Pertanian Malaysia

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Foliar phosphorus content and mycorrhizal infection of dipterocarp seedlings growing in a 61-year-old forest plantation (site A) and a selectively logged forest (site B) were determined. Mycorrhizal infection levels were high−83.7% forShorea bracteolata and 95.0% forS. leprosula at site A, and 77.8% forS. leprosula and 86.3% forS. curtisii at site B. The seedlings all had similar foliar phosphorus contents although available soil phosphorus at site B was half that at site A. Significant correlations were obtained between foliar phosphorus content and percentage mycorrhizal infection at site B only.

Key words

dipterocarps foliar phosphorus forest plantation logged forest mycorrhizas Shorea spp