, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp 639-646

Sequential assignment of the backbone nuclei (1H,15N and13C) of c-H-ras p21 (1–166).GDP using a novel 4D NMR strategy

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The c-H-ras p21 protein is the product of the humanras proto-oncogene, a member of a ubiquitous eukaryotic gene family which is highly conserved in evolution. These proteins play an important role in the control of cellular growth. We report here the sequential assignment of the backbone nuclei in a truncated form of the 21-kD gene product, using our recently proposed 4D NMR strategy (Boucher et al., 1992). These assignments are the first step towards a full investigation of the structure, dynamics and interactions of wild-type and oncogenicrasp21 using NMR spectroscopy. Some of the data were presented at the 33rd ENC held at Asilomar, California, U.S.A., in April 1992.

Supplementary material is available from the corresponding authors: One table containing the complete resonance assignment of c-H-ras p21 (1–166).GDP.