, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 81-132

The Lepocreadiidae (Digenea) of fishes from the north-east Atlantic: a review of the genusLepidapedon Stafford, 1904

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The genusLepidapedon is subdivided into several species groups and subgroups of species based on the vitelline distribution and the length of the excretory vesicle. The species in each of the subgroups are listed and keys to the species in most subgroups are given. The following north-eastern Atlantic species are described or redescribed:Lepidapedon rachion fromMelanogrammus aeglefinus, Gadus morhua, Aspitrigla cuculus, Merlangius merlangus andPollachius pollachius; L. cambrensis fromEnchelyopus cimbrius; L. sommervillae n. sp. fromTrachyrincus scabrus, T. murrayi andCoryphaenoides guentheri; L. elongatum fromGadus morhua; L. gaevskayae fromCoryphaenoides (Nematonurus) armatus; L. discoveryi n. sp. fromCoryphaenoides (Nematonurus) armatus; L. arlenae n. sp. fromTrachyrincus scabrus andT. murrayi; L. mariannae n. sp. fromGaidropsarus argentatus; Lepidapedon spp. innom (Elongatum-group) fromCoryphaenoides guentheri andCoryphaenoides (Chalinura) leptolepis; L. desclersae n. sp. fromLepidion eques; L. beveridgei fromCoryphaenoides (Nematonurus) armatus andC. (Chalinura) mediterraneus; andL. zubchenkoi fromCoryphaenoides (Chalinura) leptolepis andC. (C.) profundicolus. The phylogeny, host-specificity and zoogeography of the genus are briefly discussed.