, Volume 87, Issue 3, pp 405-415

Effects of fertilization and liming on the chemical soil conditions and element distribution in forest soils

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The distribution and storage of major elements in acid soils from a spruce and a beech forest was investigated after fertilization of NH4NO3 and KCl followed by Ca and Mg fertilization by 2 liming applications. All fertilizers were applied on top of the soil without mixing. Most of the added Ca and Mg was detected in the humus layer, a significant part of it still in carbonatic form. The effect of liming on mineral soil pH is very low, and was only observed in the 0–10 cm layer. However, base saturation of the mineral soil increased. The storage of C and N of the humus layer was not affected. N fertilization increased the N storage of the soil only under beech, but was followed by heavy NO3-losses with seepage water under spruce. High leaching rates for K were also found in the spruce stand. The amount of K that was not leached increased the pool of exchangeable K in the deeper soil layer.