Plant and Soil

, Volume 87, Issue 3, pp 329–335

Performance of some forest tree species in saline soils under shallow and saline water-table conditions

  • O. S. Tomar
  • R. K. Gupta

DOI: 10.1007/BF02181900

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Tomar, O.S. & Gupta, R.K. Plant Soil (1985) 87: 329. doi:10.1007/BF02181900


Field studies were carried out to study the influence of seasonal variations in salinity and soil moisture profiles due to fluctuating water table on the performance of 16 tree species. Over a yearly cycle water table having an EC of 2–46 mmhos/cm fluctuated between 10–140 cm from the surface. Seasonal variation in salinity profiles indicated that subsurface planting (30 cm below surface) provides less hostile saline environment to the roots. Due to genetic differences, species of trees differed in their ability to withstand salinity and aeration stresses individually and simultaneously. In areas where salinity is not associated with high water table conditions, tree species likeAcacia auriculiformis, Terminalia arjuna andLeucaena leucocephala can be grown. Tree species likeCasuarina equisetifolia Tamarix articulata andProsopis juliflora can be planted where high salinity or high water table conditions exist separately or simultaneously. If planting occurs on ridges,Acacia auriculiformis, Acacia nilotica andTerminalia arjuna can also be grown in these conditions.

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Planting methodsSalinitySurvival percentageToleranceTreesWater table

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  • O. S. Tomar
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  • R. K. Gupta
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  1. 1.Central Soil Salinity Research InstituteKarnalIndia